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E&S Electrading is a  company for the international market and already distributing  kWh meters for several years in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg to wholesalers, installation and recreation companies

We are the fastest growing kWh meter company from Europe and expand our business every day.

Our products range consists of the most used kWh meters in the industrial, recreation and installation industry.

Because we have a lot of experience in kWh meters and have a lot of Know-how in development and manufacturing we have a created a very good, high level quality and we are able to constantly produce  this quality to our kWh meters.

We can offer the best prices for European countries

At this moment we are looking for new distributors in Europe  and the rest of the world  to sell our kWh metersand like to invite interesting companies to contact us for more details.






Single phase 1 module kWh meters


Single phase 1MD kwh meter





Three phase 4 module kWh meters







Single phase 2 module (RESET) kWh meters







Single phase 4 module kWh meters






Three phase 7 module kWh meters






DC kWh meters


Single phase 2MD kwh meter
Single phase 4MD kwh meter
Three phase 4MD kwh meter
Three phase 7MD kwh meter
DC kwh meter
Distributors wanted